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Linen Rental

Linens are an integral part of any event, serving both decorative and functional purposes. Using linens as part of your decorative scheme helps to add softness and texture to any choice of venue. Whether you are planning a party, banquet, or wedding and reception, linens help to create the overall atmosphere you and your guests will enjoy. We are pleased to offer linen rental including runners, tablecloths, cloth napkins, and table skirts.

Linen Rental


TIES - W/Chair Cover

$2.00 EACH

TIES Poly Satin or Organza

$2.00 EACH

White, Ivory or Black Satin

$1.99 EACH

Aisle Runners

75' White Runners


Linen Banquet

54"x54" Linen


60"x120" Linen


90"x132" Linen


90"x156" Linen


90"x90" Linen



Black Skirt staging


Skirt - 14'


Skirt - 7'


Cloth Napkins

Prints 20" x 20"

$1.25 & UP

Solid 20" x 20"

$.75 & UP

Round Linen Cloths

108" Round Linen


120" Round Linen


132" Round Linen


90" Round Linen


Umbrella Table (white only)


- Choosing Linen Colors: Working with an event rental company offers you the opportunity to choose linens for your event in any color of the rainbow. Your color choice may be influenced by many factors, such as the type of event you are hosting and the time of day during which it will be held.

- Type of Event: The type of event you're hosting often determines your choice of linen color. Birthdays, graduations, and other celebratory parties typically use bright color schemes. Sophisticated or serious events, such as traditional weddings and business affairs, may make use of a more muted palette.

- Time of Event: Both the time of year and the time of day during which you will be holding your event can influence your color choice. Bold, bright colors are popular for daytime, summer, and spring events, while darker, more muted colors are more appropriate for fall, winter, and evening gatherings.

- Existing Color Scheme: If you have an existing color scheme for your event, your linen rental choice can build upon your predetermined colors. Napkins, tablecloths, or table skirts that follow your event's established color theme will tie the entire occasion together.

Popular Color Combinations

Two of the most popular linen rental choices are tablecloths and napkins. When choosing the colors for your table linens, consider these three popular color combinations:

Complementary colors are found on opposite sides of the color wheel. Examples of complementary colors include purple and yellow, red and green, and blue and orange. Complementary colors are a popular choice because they offer both variety and harmony.

Neutral colors pair well with any other shade of the rainbow, including other neutrals. These colors are ideal for upscale events such as black-tie dinners and traditionally-themed weddings. Choosing a combination of a neutral color with a primary color will show off your primary color choice.

Monochromatic palettes are comprised of many shades of the same color. These color palettes offer subtle visual texture and are excellent for more sophisticated events where color is not the main focus of your décor.

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