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Good quality of the linen is important for every event that gives the perfect finishing touches to make it extravagant. There are different patterns, types, shapes, sizes and color of linen available at Affordable Price.


White, Ivory or Black Satin

$1.99 EACH

TIES - W/Chair Cover

$2.00 EACH

TIES Poly Satin or Organza

$2.00 EACH

Aisle Runners

75' White Runners


Linen Banquet

54"x54" Linen


90"x90" Linen


60"x120" Linen


90"x132" Linen


90"x156" Linen



Skirt - 7'


Skirt - 14'


Black Skirt staging


Cloth Napkins

Solid 20" x 20"

$.75 & UP

Prints 20" x 20"

$1.25 & UP

Round Linen Cloths

90" Round Linen


108" Round Linen


120" Round Linen


132" Round Linen


Umbrella Table (white only)


Linen Rental

We provide the superior quality of linens that are well maintained after every event. We understand the importance of creating a great ambiance at your party and our professional team is well-trained to arrange the linen in a creative way. Reach us to know about the different types of linen offered by us.

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