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Tents & Canopy

Tents and canopies allow you to hold outdoor events in comfort and style regardless of the weather. If you are looking for a tent and canopy rental for your wedding reception or other special occasions,, Arlington Rental has the equipment you need to ensure your event is a success.

Tents & Canopy


Canopy Tent 15' x 15'

$155.00 (Customer Set-up)

$225.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 20' (seats 40)

$150.00 (Customer Set-up)

$275.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 30' (seats 60)

$375.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 40' (seats 80)"

$475.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 30' (seats 90)

$625.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 45' (seats 135)

$775.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 60' (seats 180)

$1000.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Frame Tents

Include Installation

Frame Tent 10" x 10"


Frame Tent 10" x 20"


Frame Tent 15" x 15"


Frame Tent 15" x 30"


Frame Tent 16" x 16"


Frame Tent 20" x 20"


Frame Tent 20" x 30"


Frame Tent 20" x 40"


Frame Tent 20" x 60"


Frame Tent 30" x 30"


Frame Tent 30" x 45"


Frame Tent 30" x 60"


Pole Tent

Pole Tent 40" x 100"


Pole Tent 40" x 120"


Pole Tent 40" x 40"


Pole Tent 40" x 60"


Pole Tent 40" x 80"


Pole Tent 60" x 120"


Pole Tent 60" x 60"


Pole Tent 60" x 90"


Tent Accessories

Concreate weight


Fan -30" diameter


Heater 170,000 BTU*


Patio Heater*


Porta Floor 4' x 8' Section

Call for a quote

Rain - Gutters 10', 15', 20'

$1.00/LIN. FIT.

Sidewall - Mesh

$1.75/LIN. FIT.

Sidewall - Solid

$1.25/LIN. FIT.

Sidewall with Windows

$1.75/LIN. FIT.

Water Barrels


Outdoor Tent Lighting

1 Globle (pole)


6 Globle Lights(installation included)


Barrel Cover


Light 2-500watt Par64


Outdoor Ashtray


Pole Light 4 Globle (pole)


Portable Restroom

Call for a Quote

Towable Light Tower

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Tents and Canopies Explained

Tents and canopies are available in a variety of styles and sizes so you can choose the tent rental option that suits your exact needs.

-  Canopy tents: are a lightweight and versatile tent rental option that provides shelter from sun and rain. A canopy tent must be erected over grass or dirt and requires a central interior pole for support. Canopy tents are too lightweight to sustain sidewalls.

-  Pole tents: use a series of interior poles to provide shape and support. A pole tent offers a traditional look and requires a flat expanse of grass, asphalt, or concrete. Pole tents are capable of supporting sidewalls if necessary.

-  Frame tents: are designed to withstand rougher weather conditions, including wind. A-frame tent's heavier structure means no central pole is necessary and sidewalls can be added to enclose the space. Frame tents can be used over grass and dirt as well as other surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, and wood.

Don't Forget These Important Tent Accessories

In addition to your tent and canopy rental arrangements, your event rental company can also offer a variety of accessories to further enhance your experience:

-  Lighting: If you'll be holding any portion of your event at night, it's important to consider lighting. Lighting options for tents and canopies include pole-mounted globe lights, chandeliers, string lights, and light towers. You can even add a little island flair to your event with tiki torches.

-  Sidewalls: If you are concerned about whether or privacy, sidewalls offer the perfect solution for your outdoor event. Sidewalls are available in either solid or mesh fabrics and can include cathedral windows to provide your tent rental with a more elegant look as well as natural lighting.

-  Porta Floor: Portable flooring can be installed beneath your tent to provide a comfortable, clean, and safe environment underfoot. This option is ideal for wedding receptions, black-tie events, or events that include dancing.

-  Heaters: If you'll be holding your event during a cooler time of year, talk to your event rental company about adding a tent heater or patio heater to ensure your guests stay warm and comfortable.

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