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Dance Floor Staging   

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Dance Floor and Stage Chicago

(indoor use only)

Stage, Step 8" or 16" High


Stage, 2 Step Wood Stairway


Stage, 3 Step Wood Stairway


Stage, 2 Step Rail Stairway


Stage, 3 Step Rail Stairway


Stage, 4 Step Rail Stairway


Dance Floor w/edging 3 ‘ x 3’ Section (vinyl)


Stage Section - 4' x 8', 8", 16", 24" high (Per Section Installation: $5)


Step - 8" or 16" high


Stage Rental

A classic party needs a lot of setups. We provide the different range of dance floors, stage and other flooring options that will take your event to the next level. We have different size of stage and runway arrangements that are in perfect condition.

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