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How to have Wedding and Events in corona virus time?

20 Jul , 2020
How to have Wedding and Events in corona virus time?

We human beings are all experiencing this global pandemic differently at a different levels and different amounts of trauma and light.

There is a lot to think about when you are going to celebrate a milestone like a wedding- no matter where your wedding day falls on the calendar. But if it happens to be amid in a global pandemic like coronavirus crisis, you might be wondering what could be done.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends that Americans cancel gatherings of more than 10 people “for organizations that serve higher-risk populations,” and many states have imposed limits on the number of people who can gather for any sort of any party or event.

New Ways to organize your special day

Right now, whether you’re planning a wedding at home or outdoor, there are countless aspects surrounding COVID-19-and since this situation is becoming more severe, what it means for your wedding, specifically, really depends on your wedding date, location, guest count, and extent of travel involved.

There are new ways you need to think about and apply if you are planning to do celebrate any kind of event during this Pandemic. For example, one idea is to plan an outdoor event to help seize as much normality as possible. In this way, you can also follow social distancing. When you are looking for an event rental company near me, look for the company that is having all the necessary equipment to host an event entirely outdoor if necessary outdoor lighting is also necessary. We advise you to check out if they are having tent rental, chairs, table and linen, bar and barstools, accessories, and outdoor dance floor rentals.

An outdoor Event allows you to take some breath from this situation going and enjoy some good time with family and friends. You Should give your guests the option to wear masks if it makes them more comfortable and safe. You can also consider providing a relatively inexpensive mask, one- use medical masks are the best choice and also you can order a linen mask with a special message or design according to your event and wedding.

The Second idea is to make your wedding or event as private as possible. You can also invite your friends and relatives through video chat. This way you can celebrate your event with all your dear ones.

Precaution and Intimacy- utmost important

We advise you to sanitize and clean more before inviting people to your celebration and also follow your state’s guideline norms when it comes to restriction to guests and many more things. It will become unsafe if you are inviting large group of people, they also involved a lot of shared, high touch surfaces.

There are few simple and reasonable things you can do to make your wedding or event safe and enjoyable. Once again, We advise you to throw events outdoor to avoid enclosed spaces, and high touch, shared surfaces like doorknobs, table, chairs. You are suggested to explore party rental company near me, and ask their recommendations on Party equipments on rent.

You should look for event rental companies who are offering party linens, utensils and silverware on rent that are safe. Renting a vibrant and beautiful tent and throwing event outdoors makes a lot of sense and in addition you and your guests can divert their mind from this pandemic and for some time they can enjoy a little bit with all the safety.

What to do about food and drinks?

Its all about taking a sensible, measured approach to hygiene especially when you are throwing a party during pandemic like COVID-19.

We all now drilled in the art of the through hand-wash and this must continue when guests enters your event location. We suggest you to ensure there’s enough hand-sanitizer or soap for guests, and everyone around the dinner table should practice respiratory etiquette (coughing or sneezing into a tissue or elbow, immediately disposing of the tissue in a dustbin, washing your hands afterward with soap). People have been good about complying with these basic hygiene practices, it’s just being mindful about keeping those things ongoing.

We advise you not to follow this practice “put it on the table and let guests help themselves” model.

Studies suggest that coronavirus pandemic can survive for a few hours or up to several days on any kind of surfaces. We suggest you to move away from shared salads and vegetables, to the host instead serving out all of the meal within the kitchen and giving each person their own separate plate of food.

You can Consider multiple courses if you would still like to serve appetizers. Ask guests to sit and have servers come to them. This ensures food is properly stowed away in between servings and keep common surfaces to a minimum.

You are advised to ask party rental companies near me — or local catering companies — how they are planning meals and making over appetizers and dinners during the pandemic.

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