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Chicago Pressure Washer Rental

Do you want to clean dirt, paint, or remove the mold from different parts of your home? If yes, pressure washers gives you a perfect option to clean the dirty area using wide range of electric, gas and hot pressure washers so as to clean small to large-sized projects. You can count on your pressure washer for indoor and outdoor cleaning of the area in and around your home in Chicago, IL

Chicago Pressure Washer Rental

Pressure Washer

Attachment – wet sand blaster

$20.00 (Daily)

1400 PSI Pressure Washer electric

$30.00 (4 Hr)

$45.00 (Daily)

2700 PSI Pressure Washer gas

$45.00 (4 Hr)

$70.00 (Daily)

3000 PSI Pressure Washer gas

$50.00 (4 Hr)

$80.00 (Daily)

3300 PSI Pressure Washer gas

$55.00 (4 Hr)

$95.00 (Daily)

3200 PSI Hot pressure washer

$75.00 (4 Hr)

$120.00 (Daily)

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