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Searching for ‘Tent on Rent Cicero IL’? If so then you are at the right place. With years of experience, Arlington Rental offers high quality, well-maintained Tents Rentals in Cicero IL. In order to provide an event the look and feel, we provide tents and canopies in different shapes for rent in Cicero IL and other NW Chicago Suburbs. Our Tents are superbly engineered, functional, reliable and well-maintained.

Tent Rentals in Cicero


Canopy Tent 15' x 15'

$100.00 (Customer Set-up)

$185.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 20' (seats 40)

$115.00 (Customer Set-up)

$225.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 30' (seats 60)

$275.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 40' (seats 80)"

$400.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 30' (seats 90)

$500.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 45' (seats 135)

$625.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 60' (seats 180)

$800.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Frame Tents

Include Installation

Frame Tent 10" x 10"


Frame Tent 10" x 20"


Frame Tent 15" x 15"


Frame Tent 15" x 30"


Frame Tent 16" x 16"


Frame Tent 20" x 20"


Frame Tent 20" x 30"


Frame Tent 20" x 40"


Frame Tent 20" x 60"


Frame Tent 30" x 30"


Frame Tent 30" x 45"


Frame Tent 30" x 60"


Pole Tent

Pole Tent 60" x 60"


Pole Tent 60" x 90"


Pole Tent 60" x 120"


Pole Tent 40" x 40"


Pole Tent 40" x 60"


Pole Tent 40" x 80"


Pole Tent 40" x 100"


Pole Tent 40" x 120"


Tent Accessories

Tent Sidewall - Solid

$1.25/LIN. FIT.

Tent Sidewall - Mesh

$1.75/LIN. FIT.

Tent Sidewall with Windows

$1.75/LIN. FIT.

Rain - Gutters 10', 15', 20'

$1.00/LIN. FIT.

Water Barrels for frame Tant


Fan Pedestal


Porta Floor 4' x 8' Section

Call for a quote

Outdoor Tent Lighting

Tent Light 2-500watt Par64


1 Globle (pole)


Pole Light 4 Globle (pole)


6 Globle Tent Lights


Towable Light Tower

Call for a Quote

Barrel Cover


Outdoor Ashtray


Portable Restroom

Call for a Quote

Tent Heater 170,000 BTU*


Patio Heater

$ 50.00 plus propane

With many options, different types, colors, and sizes, you will find exactly what you need for your event in Cicero. We are pleased to assist you in creating memorable moments with our rental services. Ask us for any alteration and we are pleased to assist you. Our tents and canopies are available for Wedding, Parties, Corporate Events and other celebrations.

The highest level of customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the products we offer. The tents and canopies are maintained well and you always get the best quality from us. Along with the tent, we also provide Tent Heaters, Tent Lighting and other setups based on the request. Our team is highly efficient and can make arrangement on time in Cicero.

High Peak Tents

It makes your special event even more special! They are structured perfectly to be suspended on a center pole and supported by cables. The peaked beauty of the high rise tent can be setup on any surface which gives an unobstructed view through their higher ceilings.

Pole Tents

Enjoy the elegance with the Pole Tent that is spacious with a beautiful projection are for special effects and lighting. It is easy to install with the center and the side poles that give a dramatic slope and elegant look covering more area.


Quickly set up a canopy tent on grass! They are not recommended on other surfaces and cannot be used under extreme weather conditions. Call in Canopy Tents when you have a small party for a short duration in Cicero

Frame Tents

They are mostly used to cover patios, decks, and small object. The frame tents do not stand on a center pole and hence have a larger seating space with a clear open space view. They are assembled and placed directly on other structures, houses or anywhere.

Arlington Rental welcomes the opportunity to assist your Tents rental needs In Cicero, IL

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