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Sanders Lake Zurich IL

Palm sanders, disc sanders, belt sanders, drum sanders, sliding sanders provided to make your sliding work easier. They can be hired on a daily or weekly basis on rent in Lake Zurich, IL. Now you can slide these sanders and get rid of that abrasive surface that was haunting you from past few years. Sandpaper is basically used to smoothen the surface.

Sanders in Lake Zurich


Palm sander

$10.00 (Daily)

$20.00 (Weekly)

Belt sander

$18.00 (Daily)

$24.00 (Weekly)

Disc Sander/ Grinder 9"

$18.00 (Daily)

$25.00 (Weekly)

Drum Floor Sander 8"

$45.00 (Daily)

Edge Floor Sander, 7"

$25.00 (Daily)

Dry wall sander (Bag not included)

$45.00 (Daily)

Router- no bits

$18.00 (Daily)

$30.00 (Weekly)

Siding Sanders

$18.00 (Daily)

$30.00 (Weekly)

Power Planer 3 1/2"

$18.00 (Daily)

$30.00 (Weekly)

Surface Planer

$22.00 (Daily)

$35.00 (Weekly)

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