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Tent Rental in the NW Chicago Suburbs

Searching for 'Tent on Rent Chicago IL'? If so then you are at the right place. With years of experience, Arlington Rental offers high quality, well-maintained Tents on Rent in Chicago IL. To provide an event the look and feel, we provide tents and canopies in different shapes on rent in Chicago and other NW Chicago Suburbs. Our Tents are superbly engineered, functional, reliable and well-maintained.

Tent Rental in the NW Chicago Suburbs


Canopy Tent 15' x 15'

$155.00 (Customer Set-up)

$225.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 20' (seats 40)

$150.00 (Customer Set-up)

$275.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 30' (seats 60)

$375.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20' x 40' (seats 80)"

$475.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 30' (seats 90)

$625.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 45' (seats 135)

$775.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30' x 60' (seats 180)

$1000.00 (A.R. Set-up)

Frame Tents

Include Installation

Frame Tent 10" x 10"


Frame Tent 10" x 20"


Frame Tent 15" x 15"


Frame Tent 15" x 30"


Frame Tent 16" x 16"


Frame Tent 20" x 20"


Frame Tent 20" x 30"


Frame Tent 20" x 40"


Frame Tent 20" x 60"


Frame Tent 30" x 30"


Frame Tent 30" x 45"


Frame Tent 30" x 60"


Pole Tent

Pole Tent 40" x 100"


Pole Tent 40" x 120"


Pole Tent 40" x 40"


Pole Tent 40" x 60"


Pole Tent 40" x 80"


Pole Tent 60" x 120"


Pole Tent 60" x 60"


Pole Tent 60" x 90"


Tent Accessories

Concreate weight


Fan -30" diameter


Heater 170,000 BTU*


Patio Heater*


Porta Floor 4' x 8' Section

Call for a quote

Rain - Gutters 10', 15', 20'

$1.00/LIN. FIT.

Sidewall - Mesh

$1.75/LIN. FIT.

Sidewall - Solid

$1.25/LIN. FIT.

Sidewall with Windows

$1.75/LIN. FIT.

Water Barrels


Outdoor Tent Lighting

1 Globle (pole)


6 Globle Lights(installation included)


Barrel Cover


Light 2-500watt Par64


Outdoor Ashtray


Pole Light 4 Globle (pole)


Portable Restroom

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Towable Light Tower

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Benefits of a Tent Rental

Tents offers numerous benefits, including:

-  Protection from the elements:If you've ever cursed the weatherman, you know that weather can be unpredictable at times. Just because the forecast calls for sunny skies doesn't mean clouds can't gather over your event. Think of tents as insurance that your event will continue to be a success even if Mother Nature has other plans.

-  Visual marker for attendees:Depending on where your event is being held, guests and attendees might have a hard time figuring out exactly where to go. Party tent rentals are hard to miss, so you can just tell your guests to look for the large white canopy.

-  Sets the stage for an elegant event:Whether you're having a wedding reception, an awards gala, or any other type of classy event, a party tent will give your outdoor event an elegant atmosphere. You can further enhance your event with tent accessories like sidewalls, portable flooring, heaters, and various lighting options (chandeliers, string lights, pole-mounted globe lights, etc.)

Rental Considerations

Not sure what size tent to rent? Or even how many tents you need? The event experts here at Arlington Rental can help, but you can also start to anticipate your party tent rental needs by thinking about the following event considerations.

-  Number of guests:One of the first things to consider is the number of guests you anticipate. For large events (50+ people) we recommend a pole tent. These tents are available in sizes ranging from 40' x 40' to 40' x 120' (our largest tent accommodates up to 480 guests).

-  Type of event:You will also need to think about the type of event you are planning, particularly with regards to the atmosphere of the event. For more formal events we recommend adding side walls and portable flooring to give the sense of an indoor event.

-  Venue location:Where the event will be held is important for logistical purposes, but it's also important to consider the type of surface available for tent setup. For example, pole tents are intended for setup on grass surfaces only. Frame tents can be setup on parking lots, patios, driveways, etc.

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