"Fun Food" Equipment Chicago

The fun food equipment that we offer is of good quality and they are maintained well to look as good as new. Discuss with our team to know more about the fun food options we have for your Event or Party In Chicago, IL

"Fun Food" Equipment"

Popcorn Machine (12 oz. Kettle)


Nacho Cheese Warmer


Two Wheel Cart for Cotton Candy


Two Wheel Cart for popcorn machine


Cookie Oven


Pretzel Machine Display Case


Snow Cone Machine


Cotton Candy


Popcorn Machine (8oz kettle)


Hot Dog Machine w/Bun Warmer


Hot Dog Steamer


Popcorn Machine (8oz kettle) with Cart


Snow Cone Machine with cart


Food Supplies

Popcorn kernel w/ oil (makes 8 servings)


Popcorn bags (per 100) 1 oz. bag


Cotton Candy Flavors

Cotton Candy Stick (25) per Pack


Cotton Candy Sugar (makes 60¬70 servings)


Snow Cone Flavors

Snow Cone Syrup (1) Gallon -


Snow Cone Pump


Snow Cone Cups (50)


Areas We Served

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