Lifts and Scissors Melrose Park IL

To assist you with any major repair or construction work, we have put together a fleet of nifty lifts, scissors lifts, and forklifts. These can be hired on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis in City_name, IL

Lifts and Scissors in Melrose Park

Lift Rentals

40' Niffy lifte (gas or electric)

$100.00 (4 Hr)

$180.00 (Daily)

$650.00 (Weekly)

Scissors Lift (19 and 20 inch.)

$125.00 (4 Hr)

$250.00 (Daily)

Forklift - 5000 lb. max. 15' high (propane not included)

$125.00 (Daily)

$500.00 (Weekly)

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