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Floor Cleaning and Sanding Rosemont IL

Got a big event coming up? Use our cleaning machines for tiled and wooden floors to give your home or office building a clean, revamped look. We offer drum floor machines, hot water extractor, floor sanding blocks, nylon carpet brushes, wire brushes and shampooer machines on rent in Rosemont, IL. There is something for all your cleaning needs.

Floor Cleaning and Sanding in Rosemont

Tile and Wood Floor Cleaning Machines - Electric Tools

Drum, 42"17' Floor Machine

$25.00 (Daily)

Hot Water Extractor

$35.00 (4 Hr)

$50.00 (Daily)

Floor sanding block 17"

$25.00 (Daily)

Nylon Brush-carpet

$10.00 (Daily)

Wire Brush-vinyl

$10.00 (Daily)

Self-contained shampooer 3 gal

$18.00 (4 Hr)

$28.00 (Daily)

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