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Floor Cleaning and Sanding Oak Park  IL

Got a big event coming up? Use our cleaning machines for tiled and wooden floors to give your home or office building a clean, revamped look. We offer drum floor machines, hot water extractor, floor sanding blocks, nylon carpet brushes, wire brushes and shampooer machines on rent in Oak Park , IL. There is something for all your cleaning needs.

Floor Cleaning and Sanding in Oak Park

Tile and Wood Floor Cleaning Machines - Electric Tools

Drum, 42"17' Floor Machine

$25.00 (Daily)

Hot Water Extractor

$35.00 (4 Hr)

$50.00 (Daily)

Floor sanding block 17"

$25.00 (Daily)

Nylon Brush-carpet

$10.00 (Daily)

Wire Brush-vinyl

$10.00 (Daily)

Self-contained shampooer 3 gal

$18.00 (4 Hr)

$28.00 (Daily)

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