Walks and Runs

We make it easier for you to organize walks and runs for your community, neighborhood or colleagues. We provide everything you need for your Event.

Walks and Runs

So, you have been thinking of organizing a walk or a run for your community, neighborhood, or colleagues? And you think how hard can it be, right. All you have got to do is get some people together to the start point and get them to reach the finish line. Once you get down to the basics, you'll realize walks and runs are a lot more than getting people to go from Point A to Point B. At Arlington Rentals, we have everything you'll need to streamline the arrangements for your event. Our rental services for walks and runs include:

- Banners and Streamers

- Water stations along the route

- Tables to serve refreshments at the finish line

- Lockers for storage

- Portable sound systems for making announcements on the go

- Stage arrangement for felicitating the winners

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