Audio/Visual Equipment / Conference Wood Dale IL

As a leader in party decoration and arrangement, we offer special audio & visual equipment on rent for your event in Wood Dale. We have a better scope and have different sizes, types, and ranges of the sound system available and would also accommodate a great place in your event. Create an appealing event and entertain your audience with the right sound system that is of good quality.

Audio/Visual Equipment / Conference in Wood Dale

Audio/Visual Equipment / Conference

AV Cart


Mixer 800 Watt w/ two 400 Watt Speakers


Speaker Stand


Speaker's Podium


Wireless Microphone (lapel)


Hand held Wireless Microphone


Microphone Wired


Tabletop Microphone Stand


Microphone Stand


Pro. Karaoke Machine -750 songs


Overhead Projector w/ Extra Bulb


Carousel Slide Projector


Sony LCD Projector 1200 Lumens


Projection Screen (50" x 6' tripod)


Projection Screen (8' x 8' tripod)


Projection Screen (10' cradle)


Bull Horn (includes batteries)




4-Channel Sound Chaser


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